Victim / Witness Assistance Unit



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The Victim / Witness Unit:
  • Provides assistance to victims and witnesses in felony criminal cases
  • Provides basic crisis intervention to victims and witnesses
  • Provides referral information to victims and witnesses about resources and/or other agencies available to them
  • Provides information to victims/witnesses about hearing dates, trial dates, sentencing hearings and resolution of cases
  • Coordinates time for victims and witnesses to testify in pretrial and trial hearings
  • Assists with transportation/travel of witnesses to and from Court
  • Provides basic assistance to prosecutors in case preparation
  • Determines restitution in criminal cases
  • Assists law enforcement and child protective services in investigations of crimes against children
  • Provides training to law enforcement and child protective services in the area of crimes against children
  • Provides assistance to child victims/child witnesses throughout criminal investigations and criminal trials
The Victim/Witness Unit is located in Room 233 in the Courthouse.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Allan, Lisette Paralegal/Investigator    
Barajas, Cecilia Paralegal/Investigator    
Barajas, Norma Paralegal/Investigator    
Buchanan, Aaron Senior Manager/Senior Investigator    
Figueroa, Annette Senior Program Representative    
Gallardo, Amy Paralegal/Investigator    
Gamache, Chelsea Senior Program Representative    
Jensen, Darla Paralegal/Investigator    
Lamb, Melissa Senior Program Representative    
Reser, Kari Senior Program Representative    
Wilson, Shannon Paralegal