Support Division


117 N 3rd Street
Suite 203


Link: Prosecuting Attorney Page

The Support Division represents the financial interests of children and the state in civil actions relating to support and parentage in Yakima County and Grant County.

Name Title Email Phone
Alejo, Elisa Office Specialist  
Bernath, Andrea Office Specialist  
Callaghan, Kevin Deputy Prosecuting Attorney  
Carrasco, Esmeralda Office Technician  
Contreras, Josefina Office Specialist  
Cosbey, Irene Program Representative  
Dilley, Anita Office Specialist 509-754-2695
Garcia, Mary Ann Office Specialist 509-754-2695
Gioletti, Amy Paralegal 509-754-2695
Gomez, Bernie Office Specialist  
Kartes, Michelle Office Specialist  
Keller, Steve Deputy Prosecuting Attorney  
Maggard, Kacie Deputy Prosecuting Attorney 509-754-2695
Mee, Kaitlin Paralegal  
Smith, Patric Deputy Prosecuting Attorney  
Tobia, Anna Office Specialist  
Weeks, Robin Paralegal  
Wohl, Sharon Paralegal  
Yeager, Terri Paralegal 509-754-2695