Do I need an attorney?
You are not required to have an attorney and you may represent yourself. You may also hire an attorney at any time.

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1. Do I need an attorney?
2. How often can I modify my child support order?
3. What is the basis for child support modification?
4. If the paying parent has another biological child, is that a basis for modification?
5. If either parent remarries, is that a basis for modification?
6. What if the paying parent is unemployed or going to college full time?
7. What if the other party does not agree with my request?
8. Can I change the amount of back support I owe?
9. Can I ask for college support (post-secondary support)?
10. Will my support obligation change when I file the petition?
11. Do I have to notify the Prosecutor’s Office about my request?
12. Do I have to go to court?