When was the Groundwater Management Area formed?
In 2011 the Washington Department of Ecology granted a request by Yakima County to create a special study area and establish an advisory committee to find solutions to prevent contamination and protect residents who might be exposed to high levels of nitrate in their drinking water. The area is known as the Lower Yakima Valley Groundwater Management Area.

In the short-term, the goal is to educate people about the problem and provide information on how they can protect themselves. The long-term goal is to reduce nitrate concentrations in groundwater to below state drinking water standards. This will be accomplished by using available and new data collected in the valley to prevent continued groundwater pollution and make sure residents have clean and safe drinking water.
Yakima Valley Groundwater Management Area (PDF)

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1. When was the Groundwater Management Area formed?
2. What is the Lower Yakima Valley Groundwater Advisory Committee?
3. What is the goal of the Groundwater Management Area?
4. How often does the Groundwater Advisory Committee meet?
5. Are the meetings open to the public?