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My road is covered in snow and ice; will you be plowing or sanding it soon?
Snow and ice control is one of the most significant winter activities performed by Yakima County Road Maintenance crews. These crews prepare for each snow season beginning in October with a trial run of equipment installation and a review of safety practices, snow removal routes and policies.

When a winter storm event is forecasted, a liquid de-icer may be applied to road sections known to be ice prone. These road sections are typically river bridges, north facing grades and shaded areas. Chemical application rates vary depending upon the forecasted temperature and snowfall accumulations.

During a light snowfall or when freezing rain occurs, spot sanding is done at locations such as signalized intersections, stop signs, bridges, curves, hills, or locations where sand is requested by law enforcement agencies such as at the scene of traffic accidents, fires, or other emergencies.

For more information on snow removal policies, visit our Snow Removal Policy page.

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1. My road is covered in snow and ice; will you be plowing or sanding it soon?
2. My road is dusty. Will you be watering it down or dust abating it anytime soon?
3. My road needs grading. When will the County be grading it?
4. The dust abatement has worn off. Will you be dust abating again?
5. The traffic sign down the street is down/damaged, are you going to fix it?
6. There is a dead animal in the road. Can the County pick it up?
7. There is a pothole in the road. When will you be repairing it?
8. There is garbage or debris in the road. When can the County pick it up?
9. There is water over the roadway. What is the County going to do about this?
10. Vegetation is growing tall along the road and near our intersection. When will you be mowing?
11. What options are available if my road is not in the current program?
12. Why did I not receive dust abatement on my road?
13. I think there may be a mistake in your survey.
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