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What is the State Environmental Policy Act?
The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA, Chapter 43.21C RCW) was adopted in 1971 to ensure that environmental values were considered during decision-making by state and local agencies. The environmental review process in SEPA is designed to work with other regulations to provide a comprehensive review of a proposal. Most regulations focus on particular aspects of a proposal, while SEPA requires the identification and evaluation of probable impacts to all elements of the built and natural environment

Conducting SEPA review with other regulatory review reduces duplication and delay by combining study needs, comment periods, and public notices. It allows agencies, applicants, and the public to consider all aspects of a proposal at the same time.

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1. What is the State Environmental Policy Act?
2. Where do I begin the SEPA process?
3. How do I begin the SEPA process?
4. What is mitigation?
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