I want to build a storage shed, do I need a permit or is it exempt?
To be exempt from a permit, a "residential accessory structure" must meet several criteria. For specific regulations, please contact a project coordinator.
A "Residential Accessory Structure" shall be on the same lot with an existing residence.
Non-habitable, shall not be used for living, sleeping, or cooking.
Is to be used as a storage shed for tools (small lawn and garden equipment, household storage items), playhouse, pump house or woodshed.
NOT to be used as a carport, garage, storage of automobiles, RV, boats, trailers, recreational vehicles and similar motorized vehicles, or tractors, farm equipment, animal shelters / kennels.
Maximum 200 square feet (from roof projected area) including the combined area of existing exempt structures.
Detached (6' from other structures).
Maximum one story (highest point 12' from finished grade to peak of roof.
Not have a basement, nor a crawl space greater than 18" clearance.
Not within a flood plain, flood way or critical area.
Not to be used or intended to be used as a place of business.
Not for storage of hazardous materials.
Shall meet Planning Division Zoning Land Uses and Setbacks.

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2. I want to build a storage shed, do I need a permit or is it exempt?