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What if I need an interpreter?

Let the court know and we will make arrangements to have an interpreter available for your court hearing at no cost to you. 

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1. Can I file one petition against multiple people?
2. How do I know if the temporary order was served?
3. Can we file together against the same person?
4. Do I need an attorney to get a Protection Order?
5. What if the person harassing me is a minor?
6. When and where do I pay?
7. What if I need an interpreter?
8. How will I know if my petition was approved or denied?
9. How much is the filing fee for a protection order?
10. What if I don’t know the respondent’s address or date of birth?
11. What is the difference between each type of protection order/ Which one of the types of orders do I choose?
12. Is there someone that can help me fill out this form?
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