What can I do, as a concerned citizen?
Contact your Legislators. They make the laws and are responsible to you and your concerns.

Be aware of your surroundings. Talk to your families regarding not only sex offenders, but every aspect of life that could be a danger to them.

Be nosey regarding your children and their friends. Know what they do, who they do it with, and where they do it.

Sex offenders have always been in our communities. Today, we are aware of where the convicted offenders are living.

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1. What is the Sex Offender Registration Law?
2. What is a sex offender?
3. When referring to a Level I, Level II or Level III sex offender, what do the risk levels mean?
4. Who must register as a sex offender?
5. How long must an offender continue to register?
6. Why can't we control where registered sex offenders live?
7. Who decides where a Sex Offender may live?
8. Who monitors registered sex offenders in Yakima County?
9. Under what authority is sex offender information released to the public?
10. What guidelines are used to determine the extent of public disclosure?
11. What steps should I take to protect my family?
12. What can I do, as a concerned citizen?
13. Why are there unleveled registered sex offenders?