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Assessor's Office

  1. Mailing Address Update

    If you would like to update your mailing address with our Office you must fill out this form completely. Failure to do so will result... More…

Building & Fire Safety

  1. FireWise - Wildfire Risk Assessment

    Request a fire-risk overview visit from Yakima County Fire Marshals office to learn more about the science-based guidelines to help... More…

  2. Plumbing Permit Application
  1. Mechanical Permit Application


  1. Attorney Update Form

    All attorneys who visit with inmates at the Yakima County Jail are asked to please submit this updated form when you change phone... More…

District Court

  1. Case Record Request Form

    Document requests from District Court case files

  2. District Court Request for Accommodation

    Accommodation Request

  3. Infraction Hearing Written Statement

    Infraction Written Statement

  4. Walk-In Warrant Request

    Request to have a case scheduled on the Walk In Warrant Calendar. Please note that you can appear in person in either Yakima or... More…

  5. Yakima County Courts Request for Accommodation

    Accommodation Request

  1. Contact Form

    Form used by the public to submit questions or request information.

  2. Hearing Request

    Infraction Hearing Request

  3. Interpreter Request Form (Formulario Para Solicitar Un Interprete)

    Yakima County District Court provides interpretive services for litigants in the courtroom setting. If you need a court certified... More…

  4. Wedding Appointment Form

    Request for wedding services.


  1. Address Update Form

    If you are currently registered to vote in Yakima County, submit your address update using this form.

  2. Formulario de preocupación del votante

    Si usted cree que fraude, discriminación o irregularidades han ocurrido someta su preocupación a continuación. Sea específico y... More…

  1. Cambio de domicilio

    Si actualmente está inscrito para votar en el Condado de Yakima, someta su domicilio actual usando el formulario a continuación.

  2. Voter Concern Form

    If you believe fraud, discrimination, or irregularities have taken place, submit your concern below. Be specific by including dates,... More…

Human Resources

  1. EEO/Affirmative Action Pre-Offer Voluntary Self-Identification

    It is the policy of Yakima County to provide equal opportunity in all terms, conditions, and privileges of employment for all qualified... More…

  2. Yakima Health District Employment Application
  1. Employment Application Veterans' Preference Form

Probation Services

  1. Contact Form

    Contact Form

  2. Probation Officer/Case Manager message form

    Probation Officer/Case Manager message form

  3. Traffic Safety Program Registration Form

    Need to fill out registration form to get registered for the Infraction Dismissal Program.

  4. Yakima County District Court Probation Intern Application

    Application must be completely filled out. If not applicable please fill blank with N/A. *Please include a current resume with your... More…

  1. Monthly Reporting Form

    This report is due by the 15th day of each month. If this report is not received by that date, a violation may be filed with the Court. More…

  2. Traffic Safety Program Questionnaire
  3. TSP Registration Form Updated

    This is the registration form for all classes including Defensive Driving School Cost Recovery

Sheriff's Office

  1. Burglary Prevention Checklist
  2. Personal Property Inventory
  3. Stolen Property Form

    A previously submitted incident report with Yakima Co Sheriff's Office is required to complete this stolen property report form. ... More…

  1. Dog Registration
  2. Personal Safety Checklist

Solid Waste

  1. Yakima County Neighborhood Clean-Up Application

    The Yakima County Board of Commissioners has set aside funds for neighborhood clean-ups. Funding is on a first come, first serve... More…

  1. Yakima County Recycle Bin Request Form

    Yakima County, Solid Waste Division has recycle bins available for use for public events within our county.

Superior Court

  1. Telephonic appearance

    Submit request to appear by phone for a hearing **Requests must be submitted at least 2 days prior to the hearing date/time. Your... More…

Technology Services

  1. Test Form

    Document request test


  1. Address Request Form

    Applicant request for a new, revised, or alternative parcel address

  2. Right-of-Way Use Permit Application
  3. Service Request Form
  1. Franchise Application Form

    Approval to use county right of way for private utility use.

  2. Road Approach Permit (RAP) Application

    County approval for accessing Yakima County Roadway System

Treasurer's Office

  1. Name and Address Change Request

    This form is solely for the purpose of mailing a tax statement. It does not change ownership or vesting. To change ownership or vesting... More…

Veterans Program

  1. Veteran Information Request Form

    Request information on events, activities, services, and other information relative to local Veterans and their families.