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Court Hearings / FTR - JAVS Request Form ** Do not use this to pay for Clerks Papers or for Division III Filing Fees **

  1. Hearing Dates:
    Please list each of the Hearing Dates you wish duplicated (below). If you have a consecutive series of dates, such as a 5 day Trial, use the "Consecutive Dates" option at right. (You may use a combination of these options.)
  2. Delivery Options*
  3. Do you need this converted for MAC/Apple?*
  4. Note: AMS (Attoney Messenger Service) inquiries to join this service may be directed to (509) 457-6834 for local service in the Yakima County area.
  5. Please allow 5-7 working days for completion of your request.
  6. Postage Costs for Mailing (in padded envelope):
    1 - 2 CD's = $3.00 / 3 - 4 CD's = $6.00 / 5 - 6 CD's = $9.00.
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