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Propose a Location for a Community Cleanup

  1. Propose Community Cleanup Location
    Yakima County is requesting your input on where efforts should be concentrated for community cleanups. The Yakima Greenway and our public lands along the Yakima and Naches rivers are public treasures. Every year these scenic areas draw local families, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their natural beauty. These lands belong to the public and it’s important they remain an attractive destination for everyone to enjoy. If you have questions regarding a potential site please contact a Code Enforcement Officer at 509-574-2300. To help with cleanup efforts an accurate description and location are crucial.
  2. Contact Information
  3. Cleanup Information
  4. The location should be publicly owned lands. To find out if the land is publicly owned use the link to the interactive map below, or call Public Services at (509) 574-2300.
  5. For help searching the parcel please use the links below.
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    We appreciate the information you have provided. Please be aware that state law (Chapter 42.56 RCW) states that all records held by public agencies are to be disclosed unless exempt from disclosure.
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