Fire and Safety Education

Public safety education is more than a one time session in a classroom. The role of Fire Safety Educator has expanded into an all risk educator. Fire, however, remains a key component when addressing public safety. No one plans on having an unwanted fire in their home or immediate area. Yet, the United States remains near the top of industrialized countries when it comes to fire. One of the key reasons is our attitude about fire.

In order to reduce the severity of fires in this country, we must reprogram our thinking towards fire and the damage it leaves behind.
Baby Boy in Firefighter Hat
Our goal is to help Yakima County become a safer community.

Evolution of Fire Safety
Public safety education has evolved into many areas. Programs are available for the very young as well as our senior citizens and all ages in between. The young and elderly are the most impacted to the wide variety of hazards that exist in our world. Not only in terms of numbers of events, but the degree of injury and death.

We can make a difference. An infant properly secured in a car safety seat, use of personal floatation devices, safety fencing around swimming pools, operating smoke detectors, and fall prevention measures for the elderly. These are just a small example of the many areas of risk education. Contact 509-574-2300 for more information or if you have questions.

Sources of Fire Safety Information
Visit Related Agencies and Organizations for additional information and web sites to access fire safety information and resources.