Wellhead Protection

Upper Yakima Valley Regional Wellhead Protection Plan

The purpose of the Upper Yakima Valley Regional Wellhead Protection Plan (WHPP) is to identify potential sources of contamination near the member purveyors' groundwater supplies, implement management strategies to prevent contamination of those supplies, and develop a contingency plan for the contamination mitigation in the event that groundwater does become contaminated.

In this Regional WHPP, each member community in the Upper Yakima Valley plays a role in protecting the groundwater supplies of the entire area by pooling resources and management efforts to target an audience beyond that which could be reached at a local level. This website contains general information about wellhead protection planning, information on the eight purveyors that comprise the Regional Wellhead Protection Committee, and the management strategies being used today to protect groundwater in the Upper Yakima Valley.

Yakima County, Upper Valley Wellhead Protection Plan, Oct. 2000