Local Management Plan

In addition to the regional management strategies coordinated by all of the member purveyors of the Regional Wellhead Protection Committee, each purveyor has also implemented local management efforts targeted to the needs of their respective communities.

At a minimum, each purveyor has implemented the following management efforts:
  • Posting of street signs designating each communities WHPA along major traffic routes. This street sign identifies the WHPA boundary, a emergency/spill response number (911), and the regional website where additional information of wellhead protection can be obtained.
  • Development of an annual school seminar program to promote wellhead protection concepts to area schools. Increasing use of outreach material like videos, literature, decals, and posters will be incorporated into this program during each subsequent year of funding by the Regional Wellhead Protection Committee.
  • Development of a pollution program. The core of this program is the notification of high risk businesses of their presence within a community's wellhead protection area and the distribution of free literature on waste recycling, reuse, and cost savings opportunities.