Efficiency Program

The Water Use Efficiency Program includes the following items:
  • Description of current water conservation program
  • Description of water use efficiency goals that support the program and how the goals were established
  • Evaluation of water use efficiency measures for cost-effectiveness
  • Description of water use efficiency measures to be implemented to meet established goals for the next 6 years
  • Description of how we will educate customers to use water efficiently
  • Estimated water savings from selected water use efficiency measures
  • Description of how we will evaluate the effectiveness of the Water Use Efficiency Program
  • Evaluation of distribution system leakage
  • A water loss control action plan if the distribution system leakage exceeds the leakage standard
  • Evaluation of rate structures that encourage water demand efficiency
  • Evaluation of reclaimed water opportunities
  • Description of water supply characteristics
Current Water Conservation Program
Yakima County’s current water conservation program includes:
  • Collecting daily source meter readings and monthly service meter readings.
  • Billing customers based on an inclining block rate structure for all customer classes.
  • Notifying customers when an unusually large water bill is discovered or when the meter leak detector indicates a possible leak.
  • Assisting customers in determining if they have a leak by explaining how to use the leak detector on the meter and in using leak detection equipment on their service line if needed.
  • Providing water conservation brochures at the Accounting Division’s front counter and occasionally including water conservation tips in mailings.
  • Conducting leak surveys
  • Replacing old service meters when the opportunity arises.
The percentage savings goal for implementing the conservation program was 5% based on average day and peak month demands per single-family residential connections calculated from source of supply meter readings. The goal was included in the 2001 Water System Plan. Estimated average day and peak month demands from the Plan for single-family customers without separate irrigation were 600 gallons per day and 1,500 gallons per day respectively. Average day and peak month demands with separate irrigation were 300 and 500 gallons per day per connection respectively.

Water saved as a result of the above program has been mixed. In the last 6-years, average day and peak month demands per single-family residence in the Terrace Heights area were down 6% and 4% respectively less than in previous years, based on consumption records. Over the same time period, average day demands per single-family residence in the Country Club area remained constant, while peak month demands increased 4% (based on consumption records). Supply records showed a 16% increase in average day demands and a 27% increase in peak month demands, indicating a possible increase in system leakage.