Horizon 2040 Comprehensive Plan

About Horizon 2040

Yakima County has successfully updated the County's Comprehensive Plan - Horizon 2040 - as required by the Growth Management Act. The plan is effective as of August 29, 2017. This policy document guides county decisions related to growth and development in the unincorporated areas of Yakima County. The comprehensive plan is the centerpiece of local planning in Washington State. The updated plan elements and maps can be viewed below.
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Urban Growth Area and Critical Areas Ordinance Updates

The county was also required by state law to review the fourteen Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) and Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO).  For information regarding these updates please refer to the UGA Update Page and the CAO Update Page.


  • Agendas and Minutes provides the Planning Commission meeting agendas and minutes relating to the comprehensive plan update.
  • Plan and Policies provides a variety of County plans, policies, local agreements and state requirements that were used to inform the comprehensive plan update.
  • Process and Documents provides documents and decisions made by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) throughout each phase of the Horizon 2040 update (adoption ordinance, BOCC adopted elements, SEPA, etc.)