Administrator's Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to review the Yakima Health District strategic plan.  I want to personally welcome you to our website and hope that the information contained within meets your health needs and expectations.

The Yakima Health District is the oldest health district in the nation and has a proud tradition of providing public health services to people living in, working in and visiting Yakima County for over 100 years.  While we honor our tradition of trust and service to the local community, we are actively setting the groundwork for the next 100 years of public health service.
Some of you may wonder: What is Public Health and what does the Health District do?  Public Health is varied and responds to the needs of the public on many levels; we work with individuals and businesses to insure that the food we eat is safe and we minimize health risks to the environment.  We work with local health providers to insure that our community has access to vaccines.  We prepare for public health crises so that we may respond to the needs of the public when their health is imperiled.  And we collaborate with community partners to collectively improve the health and welfare of all people, regardless of their position in our society.  All of this is done to insure that people living in our cities and county are safe and free from harm.

We believe strongly that the more each individual knows about public health, the better equipped we all become to improve the health of our community.  The Yakima Health District’s Strategic Plan demonstrates how we intend to meet future public health needs of the community.
Again, I want to thank you for reviewing our Strategic Plan and investing your valuable time learning about what we accomplish every day on behalf of the public’s health.  We welcome your input and involvement in improving the health of our community and would be happy to respond to any questions you may have.  Our commitment will remain the same as it has for over 100 years—namely, to insure the health and welfare of the public.  It is our privilege to serve you and the greater Yakima Community.

Our Mission

In partnership with the people of Yakima County, the Yakima Health District provides prevention, education, and   disease control services to promote, protect, and enhance the health and safety of all.