Plumbing Inspections

Inspection Request line: 509 574-2370

Request for inspection shall be made at least one working day before such inspection is desired.  A specific time cannot be scheduled due to the inspectors workload.

Before calling for an inspection, please have the following information available: 
* Permit Number 
* Owners name 
* Address of job site 
* Contact person phone number 
* Type of inspection you are requesting for example, groundwork, rough-in, drain, waste, vent, hot water tank, insulation, roof or floor drains, water piping.

Appliances / Equipment: Manufacturers installation instructions shall be made available to the building inspector at time of inspection.

Pressure Test:
Gas and/or water pressure test card shall be completed and made available to the building inspector.

General: All new plumbing work and such portions of existing systems as may be affected by new work, or any changes, shall be inspected by the building inspector to insure compliance with all the requirements of the applicable codes and to assure that the installation and construction of the plumbing system is in accordance with the approved plans.

Groundwork: To be made after excavations is done and the required piping has been placed and tested, prior to any back-fill or placement of concrete slabs.

Rough-in: To be made after all supply, waste and vent piping, has been installed in the structure but before it is covered by any other construction materials.  All air and / or water tests must be completed and approved on all systems prior to approval of the rough in inspection.

Roof drains: To be made after all or a portion of roof drainage piping has been installed and tested from the roof to the point where it enters the approved discharge area.

Waste and vent: To be made after all or a portion of the waste and vent system is installed and prior to covering with any construction materials and has had an air or water test on the system.

Insulation / Energy: To be made after all required insulation is in place on pipes in unconditioned locations and prior to covering.

Final Inspection: To be made after the plumbing system is completed, fixtures are installed and ready to use.

Other inspections:  In addition to the called inspections specified above, the building inspector may require other inspections of any plumbing work to ascertain compliance with the provisions of the plumbing code and any other laws which are enforced by the Building Division.