Inspection Checklist

This list of inspection items are not meant to be all-inclusive.  Additional items such as project specific engineering, planning approvals, soils reports, fire code issues, and conditions on permits should always be reviewed prior to requesting inspections.


Footing Inspection:
Setbacks to property lines and slopes.
Rebar: Required amount, and required clearances.
Pad sizes and locations.
Grading / Erosion control.
Flood plain certification. (Elevation certificate)
Stepped foundation-revision if not on plans.
Engineering approval / conditions of permit.
Drain fields flagged.
Special conditions on permit.

Foundation Inspection:  

Wall width and height.
Required hold-downs.
Rebar: Required amount and required clearances.
Size and spacing of vents.
Pad sizes and locations.
Check conditions of permit.
Erosion control

Ground Work Plumbing:

Size of pipe.
Test on pipe.
Cushioning material on pipes at slab level.
Slab insulation.
Vapor barrier.

Underfloor Inspection (Post and Beam)

Joist / beam ground clearance.
Access throughout crawl space.
Treated lumber in contact with concrete.
(Hot-dipped) galvanized anchors.
Sill plate washers.
Positive connections: Footings and post-to-beam.
Damp-proofing of basement.
Floor joist blocking.
Hold-down location and installation.
Foundation drainage elements.

Plumbing Inspection:

Test and sizing of supply pipe.
Test and sizing of drain pipe / vent.
Location of vents to openings.
Support of drain and supply pipe.
Frost-free hose bibs.
Water hammer arrestors.
Built-up shower pans.
Installation /Nail plates.
Rodent proofing.
Water supply pressure reducer.

Shear Wall Inspection:

Nailing patterns on sheathing.
Installation of hold-downs, straps and clips.
Nailing of wall plates.
Check engineer's details.
Revisions for stepped foundation.
Anchor bolt placement.

Framing Inspection:

Truss engineering and bracing.
Valley Fills / Gable bracing.
Point loads (continuous to foundation).
Positive connections between posts and beams.
Hold-downs, straps and shear panels.
Framing: Beam and header size, joist size, rafter size and special framing to plans.
Chimneys: Height above roof and fire-stopping.
Smoke detectors.
Tempered windows.
Egress windows.
Window / door U-values
Notches and bored holes.
Floor joist blocking.
Fresh air supply.
Insulation baffles.
Stairways - rise and run, headroom.
Electrical approval.
Attic access.
Crawl space access.
Elevation Certificate - Building Under Construction.
WSEC  Energy Code "Duct Leakage Affidavit".

Mechanical Inspection:

Dryer vent (25' maximum).
Plenums separated from soil.
Ducts: Support, seam seals, insulation and vapor barriers.
Fans: Size and ratings and termination.
Access and clearance to furnace.
Fresh air supply.
Ducts in garage.
Range hood vented to exterior.
Gas piping; size and test.
Gas shut-off at appliances.
Appliances in garage: Elevation and protection barrier.

Exterior Cover:

Flashing around windows and doors.
Flashing behind porches and landings.
Flashing at deck ledgers.
Weather resistive barrier (Building wrap).
General weather tightness.

Insulation Inspection:

Proper size of materials.
Proper installation.
Sealed plates.
Sealed electrical boxes.
Vapor barrier.
Sealed penetrations.
Insulation and vapor barrier for duct work.
Insulation around windows.
Approval for spray foam insulation.
WSEC Energy Code - Insulation Certificate.

Wallboard Nailing Inspection:

Nailing schedule.
Interior braced panels.
Correct size and type of materials.
Tile backer board.

Final Inspection:

Garage / house door.
Penetrations in firewall.
Fresh air on mechanical or whole house fan.
Certification for manual air damper.
Water heater - PRV / Straps / Insulation, pan, drains to outside building and pressure tank.
Combustion air.
Bollards (mechanical protection).
Access, insulation, baffles, ducts insulated.
Air gap.
Fans, exhaust to outside.
Debris in crawl space shall be removed.
Smoke detectors.
Carbon monoxide detectors.
Egress windows.
Tempered windows.
Caulking of fixtures (sinks, tub/shower, toilets).
Stairways, landings, handrails, and guardrails.
Exterior landings, decks, stair rise and run, handrails, guardrail.
Open electrical.
Crawl space access.
Insulation in crawlspace.
Ducts in crawl space insulated.
Vapor barrier in crawl space.
Finished Grading.
Anti-siphon on hose bibbs.
Address on house.
Elevation Certificate - Finished Construction.
Check any notes on permit card from prior inspections.
WSEC Energy Documents - Air Leakage Blower Door Test, and Residential Energy Compliance Certificate posted within 3' of the electrical panel.
Check conditions of permit.

* * *