Types of Family Law Cases

A divorce is the legal way to end your marriage. The court will address property/debt, and a parenting plan and child support order for your children you have together.

In the case of legal separation, the court may give you everything a divorce does, but does not end the marriage. You are still legally married.

If you have minor children (under the age of 18) with your spouse, you are required to take a mandatory parenting class. Online Parenting Programs.com has been approved by Yakima County Superior Court to meet this requirement. Your certificate of completion must be filed in the Clerk's Office (Room 323).

You can view a flyer of the program in English and Spanish.
Child Support/Modifications
Under Washington law, both parents have a duty to support their child until the child is 18 years of age, or, until the child graduates from high school. In some cases, a parent may have a duty to support the child after this as well. Child support is determined by the Washington State Child Support guidelines. Once there is a Final Order of Support, under certain circumstances, a parent or the State of Washington may file to modify the support order.
Moving with Children/Relocation
If there is a parenting plan or custody order about your child, and you wish to move? Washington Law has certain requirements before you can move.
If you are not on the child’s birth certificate, but you may be the child’s biological or other qualifying parent, a paternity or parentage action can be filed. Often, these cases are filed by the State of Washington, Yakima County Prosecutor’s Office Child Support Division. You can call them by dialing 509.574.1300 and pressing option 6.
Parenting Plan/Custody & Modifications
In a divorce, paternity, or any case involving a child, the court will determine where the child will live most of the time, and visitation for the non-residential parent, or the child should reside with the parties equally. If a Final Parenting Plan or Final Custody order has been entered by the court, under certain circumstances, the law allows changes to be made by modification of a parenting plan case.
Non-Parents Caring for Children
If you are caring for a child who you are not the parent of, or believe that a child is not safe with parents, you may qualify to file for Minor Guardianship under RCW 11.130.
Unmarried Couples
If you have been in a marriage-like relationship, but not legally married, and have acquired property and/or debt together, and you have separated, you may be able to have the court make decisions about the property and/or debt.

Contempt of Court Order

If you have a parenting plan or support order and the other party is not following it, you may be able to ask the court to enforce it.

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