Winter Driving Tips

Motorists are urged to drive wisely and cautiously in all winter weather situations.

Snow Plow Tips
Additionally, please be especially careful and courteous when driving around sand trucks and snow plows and remember these tips:
  • Don’t pass a snow plow unless absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t assume the snow plow operator can see you. Every truck has blind spots which reduce side and rear visibility.
  • Allow plenty of stopping distance; don’t follow too closely. This also reduces the chance of loose material hitting your vehicle.
Winter Driving
General Safety Tips
  • Have your vehicle winterized and store blankets and other supplies in your vehicle in the event that you should become stranded.
  • Clear all snow and ice from mirrors, windows, headlights and taillights before leaving.
  • Reduce your speed and leave early, planning your route to avoid steep grades and lightly traveled roads where deep drifts may have formed.
  • Drive with your headlights on low beam.
  • Use caution on bridges and overpasses, as they freeze more quickly than roadway surfaces.
  • Watch for black ice, which is a thin transparent layer of ice on roadways that is extremely slippery and difficult to spot.