Miscellaneous Special Waste

Passenger Tires

The fee for tire disposal is $2.00 each for up to 20 tires or $179.00 per ton for passenger tires. Any load containing over 20 passenger tires will be weighed. Larger tires are charged as follows; semi truck tires $9.00 each, tractor tires $18.00 each and heavy equipment tires $90.00 each. Rims do not have to be removed.


The fee for disposal is $6.00 each. TV’s, stereos and microwaves are not considered appliances.

Yard & Wood Waste Diversion Program

Any yard and wood waste brought to the landfill that is separate from other waste and is contaminate free receives a 50% tipping fee reduction. Plastic bags, root balls, dirt and rocks are considered a contaminate and will be charged a garbage rate. Remember to secure your load while transporting your yard waste to avoid being charged the unsecured load fee.

Our large grinder chips yard and wood waste into 2 inch pieces. Chipped wood material is then sold to vendors as feed stock for particle board, commercial compost or even cardboard. Chipped yard waste is available free to the public. Wood chips are $10.00 ton, with a minimum fee $2.00 per load.