Vehicles, Boats, Mobile Homes and Campers


State law, RCW 46.79, determines the acceptance of junk vehicles. Landfills and transfer stations are not in the business of buying or selling major component parts but accept them for recycling. Pursuant to RCW 46.79 and RCW 46.80 it is illegal to dispose of major component vehicle parts in this manner without release from the Washington State Patrol.

What we do not accept:  We do not knowingly accept major vehicle components. Major components include: engines, short blocks, frames, transmission and/or transfer case, cab, front half of car from firewall back. We cannot accept motorcycles, motorhomes, snowmobiles, utility trailers, or pickups. Plastic bumpers are accepted at Terrace Heights and Cheyne Landfills.

Other vehicle components are not to be accepted in quantities larger than three*. These components are: a smashed door, crushed truck bed, damaged seat, hood, or fender. When accepting these components, we are required, per the Washington State Patrol, to fill out a load certification. If the customer refuses, then we must also refuse to accept the item

Poor Boys Auto Wrecking (, or Pacific Steel ( in Yakima will also accept all car parts, components, and/or metal. 

*Some businesses have approval from the Washington State Patrol and Solid Waste Manager to bring in car parts in quantities larger than three.

Camp trailers, Campers, and Boats

These items are acceptable vehicle items, to be charged at garbage rate. All refrigeration units must be removed from camp trailers, campers and boats before they can be brought to the landfill. They must all have a title or junk vehicle affidavit, signed by law enforcement or towing company affidavit of sale. Boats under 16’ are considered garbage and do not require a title.

Procedures and Processing Steps:

1.  The vehicle owner must have the title. Our staff will confirm that the vin number matches the title.

2. If the owner does not have a title or the vin number does not match the title, then the vehicle must have an inspection form signed by the Yakima County code enforcement, 574- 2360. The inspector will verify title or document match of the vehicle being disposed.

3.  We do not accept Bill of Sale, Registration, or Tab Renewal notices in lieu of title or affidavit.

Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes Mobile Homes will be accepted at the Terrace Heights Landfill and Cheyne Landfill using the following procedures and processing steps:

1.  The mobile home is to be inspected by the Yakima County Permit Services prior to entering the landfill. The inspector will verify title or document match and will issue a letter addressed to the Solid Waste Division authorizing disposal.

2.  Title and/or affidavit of sale must be signed and delivered.

3.  Certificate of Taxes Paid from the Treasurer’s office must be signed and delivered.

4.  48 hour notice must be received at the Solid Waste Division Office prior to disposal. Please call 574-2450 for an appointment. Mobile Home acceptance appointments will only be scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday from 9 am through 12 pm to ensure that an operator is on site during delivery.

5.  Mobile homes must be able to be weighed on the scales on site or be accompanied by a certified scale weight. If the mobile home is too large to fit on the scales (11’x80’) it will be denied and will need to be further demolished.

6 . All appliances, tires, hazardous waste, and asbestos must be removed prior to acceptance.

7.  No scavenging may take place upon entrance to the County owned landfills. Removal of axles and tongue are acceptable only.

8.  Mobile homes will be charged $250 plus $44 per ton.

9.  Payment will be by cash, Visa or Mastercard, or account only. Accounts must be pre-approved prior to delivery of mobile home for disposal.