Long Range Planning

Yakima County Long Range Planning Section is responsible for the maintenance of the Yakima County Comprehensive Plan and the formulation and amendment of county land use regulations to implement Horizon 2040. These land use and development regulations are codified in Yakima County Code under:
  • Title 16 Environment
  • Title 16A Critical Areas 
  • Title 16B Project Permit Administration
  • Title 16C Critical Areas
  • Title 16D Shoreline Master Program
  • Title 19 Unified Land Development Code

Proposed and approved changes can be viewed on the County Code Updates page.
Long Range Planning provides staff support to Board of County Commissioner appointed volunteer citizen Planning Commission. Bi-annual amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations are processed and evaluated for consistency with the requirements of Washington State's Growth Management Act (GMA) and other state laws.

Yakima County Comprehensive Planning

Yakima County and its cities and towns are required to plan for their physical growth and development under the Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A) (GMA). Visit Horizon 2040 to read Yakima County's Comprehensive Plan. Other long range planning documents can be found on the Plans and Policies site. You may also view the Horizon 2040 Process and Documents page to see reports and draft documents which led to the adoption of Horizon 2040.