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Burglary Prevention Checklist


  1. 1. Outside Perimeter
  2. 2. Inside Security
  3. 3. Vacation Security
  4. 4. Apartment Security
  • Outside Perimeter

    1. Are doors fitted with dead-bolt locks?
    2. Are your doors of solid construction?
    3. Do your doors fit their frames snugly?
    4. Are strike plates properly secured?
    5. Do you have key locks on inside doors within arms reach of windows?
    6. Are door hinges inaccessible?
    7. Do you lock your porch and garage?
    8. Do you lock your doors when away from home for short periods?
    9. Do you lock the doors out of your view when working in the yard?
    10. Do you avoid leaving keys hidden near access doors?
    11. Do you avoid leaving notes on the door to indicate your absence?
    12. Are your windows fitted with locks and do you lock them?
    13. Are sliding doors and windows secured with a track pin or Charlie Bar?
    14. Do you keep tools, ladders, etc. in places inaccessible to potential burglars?
    15. Do you store lawn mowers, snowblowers, gas barbecues, etc. out of sight when not in use?
    16. Do you light the outside of your home to discourage prowling or loitering?
    17. When you move to a new residence do you hire a reliable locksmith to re-key all locks?
    18. Do you change your locks immediately if your keys are lost or stolen?
    19. If you answer is no to any of the above you should improve your home security.
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