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Yakima County Recycle Bin Request Form

  1. Request Form
    Yakima County, Solid Waste Division has recycle bins available for use for public events within our county. The bins can be reserved for free on a first come, first served basis. The bins are 40.5" tall by 24.5" wide and can hold 45 gallons of recyclables. (That is typically 220 plastic bottles and 350 aluminum cans.) We also provide bags for each bin.
  2. These are co-mingled bins.
    These bins are designed to collect aluminum and plastic beverage containers. Full bags of aluminum cans and plastic bottles may be dropped off when you return your bins to the landfill. See location of our co-mingled recycling bin at our administration office by clicking on the link to get a map for the location.
  3. All returned bags must be free of garbage and liquids.
    For the BEST SUCCESS, place one recycle bin next to every garbage can.
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  5. Bin returns are not accepted on Saturday or Sunday.
  6. Please Specify Number of Bins & Bags Needed Below:
    These bins are to be maintained in good condition and utilized for the purpose of recycling. Bins can be picked up the day before the event at the Administration Offices at the Terrace Heights Landfill, 7151 Roza Hill Drive in Yakima. Bins need to be returned during normal business hours Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please return them as soon as possible after the event is over so that other groups may use them. Damaged or broken bins will be billed to your organization at $50 per bin.
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