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Name and Address Change Request

  1. This form is solely for the purpose of mailing a tax statement. It does not change ownership or vesting. To change ownership or vesting on a parcel, please seek legal guidance.
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  4. Our office does not track whether or not you have an escrow account with a lender that pays your property taxes. You are legally the taxpayer and we work directly with you. You have a contractual relationship with your mortgage company that does not involve our office.

    The taxpayer on our records, will always receive the property tax statement. Most lenders receive property tax information from a taxing service via automated media which reflects the balance due for each parcel they request.

    If you have an escrow account, it is imperative that you verify with that lender that they are paying your property taxes timely. You may also check balances on our website under the Pay Property Taxes section.
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