The State Constitution (Article 7 Section 2) mandates that some levy and bond issues must be approved by not less than a 60% majority of the voters voting on the proposition rather than a simple majority. In addition, there are also provisions that require a minimum participation by eligible voters in order for the proposition to be valid regardless of the outcome of the vote.  This minimum participation is equal to 40% of the total votes cast in the jurisdiction at the previous general election.

Each district is responsible for determining minimum turnout or yes vote requirements for ballot measures.

For more details on passing a levy or a bond click here.

Below are the participation figures from the 2023 General Election. 

Districttotal voting 11.7.2023
#2 Union Gap School District356
#Jt3 Naches Valley School District1,707
#7 Yakima School District8,221
#90 East Valley School District2,189
#119 Selah School District4,216
#120 Mabton School District276
#200 Grandview School District
#201 Sunnyside School District2,703
#202 Toppenish School District949
#203 Highland School District565
#204 Granger School District550
#205 Zillah School District919
#207 Wapato School District1,019
#208 West Valley School District7,531
#209 Mount Adams School District256
City of Grandview1,133
City of Granger289
Town of Harrah40
City of Mabton176
City of Moxee301
Town of Naches289
City of Selah1,742
City of Sunnyside1,494
City of Tieton91
City of Toppenish446
City of Union Gap517
City of Wapato385
City of Yakima12,589
City of Zillah513
Fire District No. 1427
Fire District No. 22,546
Fire District No. 3220
Fire District No. 42,197
Fire District No. 53,843
Fire District No. 6737
Fire District No. 723
Fire District No. 9199
Fire District No. 10140
Fire District No. 11123
Fire District No. 122,791
Fire District No. 14275
Port of Grandview1,721
Port of Sunnyside2,806

Terrace Heights Sewer District1,138

Naches Park & Recreation District494
Grandview Park & Rec Service Area1,679
Selah Park & Recreation Service Area4,216
Emergency Medical Services District2,223