Bail Bonds

This office does not promote or recommend any particular business.

Please note: Yakima Municipal Court is a separate entity from Yakima County Courts and maintains their own listings. Please contact the City of Yakima Municipal Court for information regarding Bail Bonds in their court.

Bail Bond Companies

Here is a list of current bail bond companies authorized for business with:   Yakima County Superior Court and Yakima County District Court:

  • AA Fast Bail
  • A Plus Bail Bonds, Inc.
  • A Affordable Bail Bonds, LLC
  • Lacey O'Malley Bonding & Insurance, Inc.
  • Casey Bail Company
  • All City Bail Bonds
  • Egley's Bail Bonds
  • A-Speedy Bail Bonds, Inc.
  • Amigos Bail Bonds
  • Anytime Bail Bonds, Inc.

This listing is maintained by Corporate Counsel - a division of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office - for Yakima County.

Justified Bonding

Yakima County justifies bonding companies for a two year period.  This list represents the only companies permitted to post bail in Yakima County District and Superior Courts from 08/10/2023 through 07/31/2025.

Out-of-county bail postings are not accepted unless they are justified in Yakima County.