APPLY - Become a Deputy

Become a Full-Time Deputy

To become a full-time deputy, the following is required:

  • Be 21 years of age, a US citizen, and have a high school degree or equivalent
  • Possess a criminal history that would not be detrimental to the performance of a sheriff's deputy.  A comprehensive background check is conducted.
  • Take and pass a civil service exam 
  • Complete medical and psychological exams, and take a polygraph test
  • Complete the 700 hour Washington State Basic Law Enforcement Academy

TO APPLY FOR Entry Level Deputy positions or Law Enforcement Dispatcher positions: The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office contracts with Public Safety Testing (PST) to conduct continuous testing.  To view agency requirements and start the application process click here ( You will be able to fill out an initial application and select the testing date, time and location most convenient for you. Contact them directly at: 1-866-HIRE-911.       

We are actively searching for qualified Lateral Deputy Candidates at this time.
TO APPLY FOR Lateral Deputy positions you may click here


Become a Reserve Deputy

You can also become a reserve deputy. Reserve deputies are non-paid, but volunteer to perform the functions of a full-time deputy.   Reserve deputies are provided uniforms and equipment.  To become a reserve deputy you must do the following:

  • Meet the same standards as required for a full-time deputy
  • Attend a local State Certified Basic Reserve Academy, 3 days a week for 150 hours
  • Train within the office under a regular deputy or certified reserve deputy until qualified

TO APPLY FOR a Reserve Deputy position click the links below for a printable PDF form or a fillable Word form.

Reserve Application (Printable PDF)

Reserve Application (Fillable Word Form)