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Yakima County ARPA Funds Application

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  2. 2022 Yakima County ARPA Funds Application

    Yakima County is accepting applications for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding. 

    To be considered for funding, the individual/organization’s (hereafter “applicant”) project must align with both a project category as set forth by Yakima County and an expenditure category as set forth by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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  5. During this application you will have the ability to save your progress so that you may continue at another time. Please be sure to save your progress. You can do so by clicking the "Save Progress" button located at the top of this form.
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  7. Throughout this application, there are several forms that need to be downloaded and saved to your computer. These forms will need to be downloaded, filled out, saved to your computer, and then attached at the bottom of this application prior to submitting.

    Please be sure to download, fill out, and save the following forms to your computer: 

    w-9 Form (if applying on behalf of a business or nonprofit organization)

    ARPA Project Budget Form

    Please attach these forms to this application prior to submitting.

  8. Please type the name of the requesting entity applying for this grant. 

  9. Please enter the name of your project. 

  10. Yakima County Project Categories

    Examples listed below are general in nature, intended to convey a broad illustration of corresponding projects. Please review the following project categories. By selecting yes or no, please indicate which category your project best aligns with. 

  11. Supporting Recovery

    Yakima County is committed to helping our community recover from the pandemic. It is important to ensure that health and welfare insecurities that have been created or intensified by the pandemic are addressed. Investments in fire and emergency response and our local healthcare system will increase the quality of care and emergency response.  

    Examples of projects in this category include: programs providing mental health services, child care, access to youth sports/activities, support for families experiencing homelessness, and fire/life/safety equipment.

  12. Reconnecting Community

    COVID-19 has forced us into social distancing, isolation and quarantine. These conditions may foster widespread anxiety and loneliness in our community. Through the expansion and refurbishment trails and parks, vibrant public spaces and community events, the residents of Yakima County will enjoy the benefits of good health.  It’s important to remedy negative emotional climates with strategies to reconnect our community.

    Examples of projects in this category include: programs support local events, tourism, and economic development.

  13. Building Resiliency

    With a focus on shovel ready projects, Yakima County will expand existing road and utility infrastructure which will increase the ability of households to connect to municipal drinking water, superior wells, sewer, or superior drain fields, and expand broadband across the County.  These improvements will increase public health and safety while simultaneously increasing affordable housing development opportunities.

    Examples of projects in this category include: programs investing in physical plant improvements, and purchase of equipment. 

  14. Review the Expenditure Categories on the County’s website here and in the box above, type in which Treasury expenditure category with which your project aligns.

  15. Checklist

    This checklist is provided as a tool to assist you in the completion of your application. Remember, late and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted. If you have questions regarding your application, please contact Craig Warner at (509) 574-1313 or (Check all boxes after reading):

  16. Yakima County ARPA funds will be distributed on a reimbursable basis.*
  17. Applicant’s household, organization, and/or clients are located within the County limits of Yakima County?*
  18. Does the proposed project meet at least one of the Yakima County Project Categories and at least one of the Federal Expenditure categories detailed above?*
  19. Applications will only be accepted electronically through the application process.*
  20. If applying on behalf of a business or nonprofit organization, did you attach a completed W-9 form to your application? A fillable W-9 form is available below for download.*
  21. *If applying for a nonprofit organization or a business, this is a required field

  22. I have downloaded, filled out, and attached the required ARPA Project Budget form to this application before submission.*
  23. *This is a required field

  24. I have reviewed and will abide by Chapter 2, Part 200 of the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) and Title 6 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.*
  25. The County will be developing and implementing a communication plan to share stories of how ARPA funds have impacted the community. Applicant agrees to participate in County communication activities, and to provide the County with information about how ARPA funds have impacted the Awardee – either individually or in a corporate capacity – and/or the Yakima County community.*
  26. I understand a project wrap-up report is required upon completion of project.*
  27. Did you complete the Categorization questions above, read and agree to all Certification statements below, and complete this checklist?*
    • Categorization questions are listed under "Yakima County Project Categories" on this form.
    • Certification statements are located after "Budget Narrative" on this form.

    Friday, June 24th, 2022

    4:30 p.m.

     Completed applications must be filed electronically and received by the date and time specified. Applications must be electronically filed. 

  29. Applicant Information (Business or Nonprofit Organization)

    If applying on behalf of an individual/household, please skip to Application Information (Individual or Household).

    * All fields marked as such are required fields. Response required for application to be considered complete.

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  41. Applicant Information (Individual or Household)
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  45. *This is a required field

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  49. Project Evaluation
  50. *Maximum 500 characters

  51. *Maximum 500 characters

  52. * Maximum 500 characters

  53. *Maximum 500 characters

    Category descriptions available listed above in "Yakima County Project Categories"

  54. *Maximum 500 characters

    The Expenditure Categories can be found above, or by clicking here

  55. Demonstration of Need
  56. *Maximum 500 characters 

    Yakima County Comprehensive Plan:

    Yakima County Homelessness Policy Advisory Committee recommendations:

     Please identify the Community plan if not listed above.

  57. *Maximum 500 characters

  58. Community Support and Partnerships
  59. *Maximum 500 characters

  60. Financial Support
  61. *Maximum 500 characters

  62. *Maximum 500 characters

  63. *Maximum 500 characters

  64. *Maximum 500 characters

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  66. *Maximum 500 characters

  67. Project Budget

    Please provide an attached line-item detailed budget (including whether your various match items will be cash or in-kind) for the project in the attachment section at the bottom of this application.

    This form is available for download here

    For an example of a line-item detailed budget see example image below:  

  68. Yakima County ARP Funds Application Budget Example Form
  69. *This is a required field

  70. Budget Narrative
  71. Certification

    By checking "Agree" or "Disagree" on this certification, I understand and affirm that:

  72. Yakima County ARPA awards will be distributed on a reimbursement basis. Yakima County will only reimburse those costs actually incurred and only after the expense is incurred, paid for, and a signed Request for Reimbursement form (or other form acceptable to the County) has been submitted to the County, including copies of the invoices and payment documents. Purchases/expenses made prior to contract execution are not eligible.*
  73. Business/nonprofit applicants, or an identified partner, must have a Washington State Business License or a documented 501(c)3 or (c)6 designation. Such status is required to be eligible for receipt of ARPA funds. I understand it may take 30-60 days from the date of County Commissioner approval for a contract to be fully executed, and that I cannot expend monies on reimbursable expenses until that time.*
  74. Applicants may apply for multiple projects, but only one application per project.*
  75. If awarded, funds will be used only for purposes described in this application. I understand that any award is a one-time award which does not create an obligation or guarantee of continued funding by the Yakima County, and the use of funds is subject to audit by the Washington State Auditor.*
  76. If awarded, I or my organization intends to enter into a services contract with the Yakima County, provide liability insurance and additional insured endorsement documentation as may be required for the duration of the contract naming Yakima County as an additional insured and in an amount determined by the County.*
  77. I have reviewed, and if awarded funds, will abide by federal and Yakima County procurement policies.*

    Policy documents available for review here at the bottom of the page.

  78. Awards will be determined by Yakima County in its sole discretion. Applications may be awarded for the full or a partial amount of the total requested, or declined. If not awarded the full requested amount, applicant can decline the award; if not declined, applicant will provide additional information of how a partial award will be expended.*
  79. I certify that I have the legal authority of the individual or organization represented herein to submit this request for funding on its/their behalf, and I further certify that the information submitted is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Yakima County will rely on the accuracy of the submittals and certifications made in conjunction with this application. Any misrepresentation of inaccurate information may result in a repayment of funds.*
  80. In submitting this application, I swear under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that the foregoing information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  81. PLEASE NOTE: The maximum file size limit for attachments is 25MB. If your file(s) exceed this size, please compress the files (by using a file compression software, such as WinZip) prior to attaching them to this form.

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