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Civil Protection Orders - Electronic Submissions

  1. Contact Information
  2. Case Information

    Do you require an Interpreter?  If YES, also complete and submit the Interpreter Services Form.


    If the party you are placing this order for protection against does not know where you reside, mark the above YES.

  5. Delivery Options*
  6. Note:

    Unlawful Harassment / Anti Harassment matters only:   If you do not submit a Motion to have the Filing Fee waived, or an Order Waiving Filing Fees is not granted and signed by the Court, you will be required to pay the Filing Fee for the Unlawful Harassment / Anti Harassment case.  You may do this with a credit / debit card using nCourt. (Information will be included in the reply e-mail you receive after electronically submitting your paperwork.)   Processing Fees apply.   

    If you do not wish to pay processing fees, you will need to pay with Cash when you appear for your Second Hearing.  If you wish to pay with Credit or Debit Card, you may do so at the Clerk's Office front counter, PRIOR to going into your Hearing. Service Fees apply if you use a Credit or Debit Card for payment.

  7. Upload your completed forms.
  8. Colored pages, highlighting, color markings are prohibitied pursuant to GR 14(a).

    Make sure your uploaded files do not have any color in / on them.  Submit items in "Black and White" only.  Staff do not correct your images and you want the Judge to be able to see / read your important information.  PDF or WORD files are accepted.  PRINT CLEARLY - if we can not read it, no one else can.  If you have photographs or colored copies, follow these guidelines to submit / hand directly to the Judge.

  9. Attach your completed Petition form here. 

  10. Attach your completed Law Enforcement Information / Confidential Info sheet here.

  11. If you are requesting non-English language services, this completed form is required.  (1 page)

  12. If you do not know the physical address of where the other person(s) can be served this form is required.

  13. If you are filing for an Unlawful Harassment / Anti Harassment matter, attach your completed Motion for Waiver of Filing Fees and Financial Statement here. (3 pages)

  14. If the LawHelp resource provided you other form(s) to upload, upload one form here.

  15. If the LawHelp resource provided you other form(s) to upload, upload one form here.

  16. If the LawHelp resource provided you other form(s) to upload, upload one form here.

  17. If the LawHelp resource provided you other form(s) to upload, upload one form here.

  18. What happens next?

    Once you have submitted your paperwork:

    • You will receive a confirmation E-mail that your items have been received.  (These will be processed during normal business hours and days of operation. The Courts are closed weekends and Holidays.)
    • Your submitted items will be routed to a Judge.  
    • The Judge will review your paperwork and enter the appropriate order(s).  
    • A Certified Copy of the appropriate order(s)  will be sent to you in the manner you have selected (above).  
    • Read your returned paperwork carefully for any additional steps the Court has directed you to do.
    • If the Court sets a second Court date, be sure to appear for that Hearing - otherwise the Court may dismiss your case.

    The DATE, TIME and LOCATION of any future Court Hearings will be on the paperwork you receive back from our office.  

    If you need to appear by Telephone or by Zoom, please make arrangements at least 2 days prior to your court date.  Contact the Court Administrators Office (information below) to do this.

    If your petition is GRANTED, you must keep a copy of the signed order with you at all times. You must be prepared to show it to Law Enforcement - should a situation arise where you need to call them to help enforce the order.

    If your petition is DENIED, you will receive a copy of that order.  You may file and Amended Petition within 14 days in the same case case number.  After 14 days, the court case will be considered closed.  This does not prevent you from making future requests for protection, should you need to.  Each -new- request will be assigned a new case number.

  19. Telephonic / Zoom appearances: Contact the Court Administrator's Office at: Requesting a Telephonic Hearing or at Remote Attendance Options.

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