Court Calendars & Hearings

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Scheduling Your Hearings - The Court Week at a Glance

These items will assist you in determining which day of the week and at what time to set your future hearing(s) for.

Remote Attendance Options & Information

Requesting a Telephonic Hearing

Generally utilized by out-of-area litigants or incarcerated persons.
  • To request the hearing, please email the Court Administrator.
  • Civil matters phone: 509-574-2704
  • Criminal and domestic (family law) matters phone: 509-574-2702
Your message must contain:
  1. The case number
  2. Case name
  3. Nature of the motion or hearing
  4. Name of the attorney
  5. Your name
  6. Your phone number

Confirming your Hearings

You may confirm a hearing by email or by phone. Please confirm with the appropriate office listed on this chart.

Your message must contain:
  1. The Case Number
  2. Case Name
  3. Nature of the Motion or Hearing
  4. Name of the Attorney
  5. Your Name
  6. Your Phone Number

Requesting a Court Interpreter

Requesting a Copy of Your Court Hearing