Minor Guardianship 

A Minor Guardianship (formerly referred to as a Non-Parental Custody) proceeding may be started by a 3rd party (non-parent) who can prove that the child does not reside with either parent or that neither parent is a suitable custodian.

What is a guardianship?
Guardianship is a legal arrangement.  A guardianship is created when a court appoints someone to make decisions for, and take actions for, someone else.  the guardian has a legal duty to that person.  the legal duty is call being a fiduciary.  A fiduciary is required to act in the best interest of the person under guardianship.

At present the law prohibits the Court Facilitator to assist in these matters. Here is a link to what the Washington State Courts have available.

Yakima Superior Court Brochure - with contact information.

Forms are only available at the Washington State Court's website.

Documents are Filed at the Yakima County Clerk's Office.  Hearings are held at the Juvenile Justice Center - 1728 Jerome Avenue, Yakima WA  98901.

The Clerk's staff cannot assist you or give legal advice. It is advisable you contact an attorney, or one of the resources on the Brochure to assist you.