Support Modification

Who can file a support modification in Yakima County? Any person who has:
  1. A child support order (already) entered in a court of law, and
  2. The child support order was entered in a different County (or State), and
  3. The custodial parent and child(ren) live in Yakima County
If all 3 of the above apply to your situation, an action to modify support may be started in Yakima County Superior Court.

If the custodial parent and child(ren) do not live in Yakima County, you cannot file a Support Modification action in Yakima Superior Court. Contact the County where the support order was entered for more information.

This type of action is used when asking the Court to change the amount of child support (money) a person pays or receives. If your case is complex or you are seeking a modification within 2 years of the last (child support) order, you should consult an attorney before you file.

Order Modification Request
Generally, the Court will allow you to modify a support order every 2 years if there has been a change in incomes or circumstances of the parties. If you file a modification request sooner than 2 years, you must show that a substantial change of circumstance has occurred, such as:
  • The order creates a severe economic hardship
  • A child has moved to a new age category (turned 12 years of age)
  • A child is still in high school and the order needs to be extended until graduation
Giving Notice of Change
In Yakima County, you must give the other parent notice of your request to modify child support. If your child receives public assistance benefits, you must also give notice to the Support Division of the Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. They will have 20 days to respond to the request. After the 20-day waiting period, you may schedule a hearing for the Court to consider your request to change support. If the other parent or the State of Washington has responded to your request to change support, you must give them 14 days notice of the hearing.

The amount of child support will ordinarily be set according to the Washington State Support Schedule. The amount of support will be calculated based on your income and the income of the other parent.