Yakima Regional Stormwater Working Group (RSWG)


Regular Meetings

2nd Thursday of every month. The meeting location rotates between City of Selah, City of Sunnyside, City of Union Gap, and Yakima County. If you would like to know where the next meeting is to be located and would like to attend, please contact David Haws at 509-574-2300.


The Yakima Regional Stormwater Group (RSWG) is an advisory group consisting of local elected or appointed officials from Yakima County, and the cities of Yakima, Sunnyside, and Union Gap to oversee municipal staff efforts to regionally comply with stormwater permit requirements.

RSWG Accomplishments

The RSWG formed in September of 2005 to reevaluate costs and benefits, if any, to regional governance of stormwater discharge required under a proposed NPDES Phase II permit from the Washington Department of Ecology. With funding provided by an Ecology grant, the RSWG contracted for a Value Engineering report to examine the proposed permit requirements and estimate the cost for each municipality to comply with the minimum requirements of the permit. A followup report (PDF) examined regional savings that could be realized and any extra costs of running a regional program.

Based on favorable findings in these reports, an intergovernmental stormwater agreement (ILA) was signed in July of 2007, providing a basis for the County to provide regional permit compliance services through 2010 to the Cities of Yakima, Union Gap, and Sunnyside. In 2014 the ILA was amended due to the City of Yakima withdrawing from the ILA, and the City of Selah joining.