Name & Address Changes

All taxpayers must make certain that the taxpayer name and mailing address, which is maintained by the County Treasurer’s Office, is correct.

Change Request
If you move or your mailing address is changed by the postal service or other agency, you must submit a taxpayer change notice to the office by mail, fax, on our website with the Name and Address Change Request for Taxpayer Records Form, or on the back of the payment coupon from your tax statement.

What to Include
Your notice must include all parcel numbers for accurate record changes. A signature is required for all taxpayer record changes. We do not take name and mailing address change requests over the phone.

Escrow Accounts
Our office does not track whether or not you have an escrow account. You are legally the taxpayer and we work directly with you. You have a contractual relationship with your mortgage company that does not involve our office. Your mortgage company is provided that information electronically via a taxing service that they use to obtain this information.