Restrictive Covenant Modifications

How to Prepare and Record a Restrictive Covenant Modification Document: 

If you have verified that a document recorded with the county auditor in the chain of title to your property contains a racially restrictive covenant and you have decided to record a modification document, here are the steps to follow. 


Obtain the following necessary information about your property from your deed or your title insurance policy.  

  • Recording number (often referred to as the “auditor’s file number”) of the original document containing the racially restrictive covenant that is void under RCW 49.60.224.  It is not necessary to obtain the recording number for any later document repeating the terms of the original document or referencing its recording number.
  • Recording date of the original document containing the racially restrictive covenant.
  • The names of all current owners of the property (ex: you and your co-owners, if any).
  • Legal description (both full and abbreviated) of your property, AND
  • Tax parcel number for your property.


Fill in the attached "Restrictive Covenant Modification Document" with the information above but do not sign it. These forms can also be found online on the websites of many county auditors in Washington State. 


Take the document and government-issued identification to a licensed notary public and sign in the presence of the notary. There may be a charge to have the document notarized.


Take the document to your county auditor for recording. (A list of county auditor offices can be found online at: ). You can bring the document in person or mail it to the county auditor in the county in which the property is located. There is no charge to record the document.

 REV: January 1, 2019

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