Building Permit Fees

~Effective June 1, 2017~

Payment of Fees are due at time of your application submittal for the following (as applicable to your project):

  • Building - Plan Check
  • Fire - Plan Check
  • Land Use Application
  • Road Approach Application
  • Address Application

Fee Disclaimer

Permit fees charged are those in effect at the time the permit is obtained and may differ from what is listed in the Yakima County Code.  Fees are updated annually based on the consumer price index (CPI) and may change accordingly without notice.  Delays in updating the County Code may not reflect these changes.

Permit Fee Example

Permit fees as an example for new construction, additions, and alterations, are based as follows:  (please note, this is not a complete list of permit fees)
1. Size of the structure (Base fee per square footage),
2. Occupancy of the structure, 
3. Construction type, (Type I & II - Noncombustible; Type III Exterior wall noncombustible, interior elements are of any material; Type IV - Heavy timber; Type V - Exterior and interior are of any materials permitted by code. 
4.  Pre-fabricated structure.
5.  Manufactured Home or Commercial Coach.
View the ICC table to establish the valuation per square foot of a structure to establish a building permit fee.  Once a permit fee is established, there is a plan check fee which is 65% of the building permit fee.
Construction cost per square foot to obtain valuation of structure.

For a permit fee estimate, please contact our office at 509-574-2300 and a Project Coordinator can assist you.  Please have available the square footage and use of your proposed project. 

PLEASE NOTE: Permit fee estimate is not a guaranteed price of your permit and will not include other factors for plumbing fixtures or mechanical equipment.  Fees will also be assessed if your parcel is located within a FEMA designated floodplain or floodway.

Fee Documents