Inmate Phone Service

Inmates have the ability to place collect, prepaid collect and debit calls. Prepaid collect and debit account options are setup and funded by friends and family members of the inmates.

Collect Calls

When receiving a call, you will first hear a prerecorded message stating the correctional facility’s name and the name of the inmate who is asking you to receive the collect call. At that point you can:
  • Accept the collect call
  • Deny the collect call
  • Block all future calls from the facility

A majority of local exchange carriers (home phone company) no longer accepts collect calls as a form of payment.  In those cases you will need to set up a pre-paid account as described below.

Prepaid Calls

Not all telephones can accept collect calls (including cell phones). In order to receive calls to these particular telephones you will need to setup a prepaid collect account for your telephone number or you can fund the inmate’s facility debit account. To setup a prepaid collect account or to fund an existing account, you will need to call Securus Technologies directly by calling 800-844-6591. Prepaid collect accounts are setup for particular phone numbers and will only allow the inmate to dial the number setup on the account. Funding an inmate’s debit account will allow the inmate to dial any telephone number as approved by the facility.

Calling Rules

There is a 15-minute telephone call time limit. After 15 minutes, the telephone call will automatically disconnect.

Telephone Charges

  •  Any Call within Washington State - $1.50 for the first minute and .12 cents per minute after that.
  •  Any other State - $0.12 per minute, if debit or prepaid collect call $0.14 per minute, if standard collect 



  • Maximum 15 minutes regardless of payment type
  • Fees and taxes may be applied to inmate telephone calls
  • For more information or if you have a service or billing issues, contact Securus Technologies at 800-844-6591

Tips for Your Phone Call

Securus Technologies has provided this list of cautions to help avoid disconnection during your phone call:

Don’t attempt a 3-way call.

  • Don’t try to transfer the call.
  • Don’t put the inmate on hold.
  • Don’t use or answer "call waiting."
  • If possible, avoid using a cell phone. Cell phone reception and service cannot be guaranteed to maintain connection of the call.
  • If possible, avoid using a cordless phone.
  • Don’t press numbers on the telephone keypad during the call.

Avoid long pauses in conversation. Long pauses may result in a disconnection.

Inmate Debit Refund Instructions for Western Union

Upon your release, your unused Inmate Debit account balance will be available to collect at any Western Union retail/agent location.  A Western Union fee or minimum may apply, reducing your balance available for refund.

Your refund should be available for collections within 15-30 minutes of your release.  Note, refund balances that exceed $100 require validation and will be made available at Western Union within 24 business hours.  Your refund will be available for collection for 90 days.  No refund will be issued after 90 days.  Only you can collect your refund.

If you have difficulty collecting your refund or if the Western Union Agent requires information other than what is listed below, instruct them to contact their Western Union Agent support line at 1-800-354-0005.  If this does not resolve your issues, please call Securus Technologies Inmate Debit refund hotline at 1-855-273-7292

To collect your refund, you will need to call Western Union at 1-800-325-6000 to get your Transfer Number (MTCN) Once you listen to the opening message, say "Main Menu" and then press "0" to speak to an agent.  Inform the agent that you are receiving a "Quick Cash" transaction and you do not know the MTCN since the sender does not have it.  Supply the following information to the Western Union agent to get your MTCN:

       Your first and last name
       Sender Name: Securus Technologies
        Approximate amount of your refund
        Expected payout location: City & State of the facility you were released from
        Date the transaction was sent: Date of your release

The Western Union agent will then provide your Transfer Number (MTCN), which you must have in order to collect your refund.  When you arrive at Western Union, you must fill out a "Money Transfer Receive" form with the following information:
        Transfer Number(MTCN): the number given to you above
        "Your Information": Your first and last name
        "Sender Information": Securus Technologies in Dallas, TX
        "Test Question": enter your Inmate Debit Calling PIN