Medicine Disposal

Take back your meds
Keep medicines away from children and out of our water supply by utilizing safe medicine disposal options.

Currently, poisoning is the number one reason for accidental death in the state of Washington. When medicines are flushed or thrown in the garbage they can get into our local waters. It's unknown what impact low levels of medicines in the environment have on human health. Disposing of medicines at a take-back program can reduce the amount of medicines getting into our waterways and our drinking water.

Washington state has a website dedicated to helping people dispose of their unwanted medications (

Medicine drop off locations take:
  • used/unused prescription medications
  • over the counter medications
  • pet medicines
There are many secure medicine drop off options available in Yakima County including Yakima Valley Memorial (Emergency Room), the Yakima Police Department, Sheriff's Station, and Yakima Neighborhood Health.

You can locate other secure disposal options by checking the website operated by Washing Poison Center:

If you need to dispose of your sharps, you can bring those to our landfills in a plastic container in a milk jug or liter pop bottle. (garbage rates apply). Yakima Police Department also has free sharps disposal locations next to their prescription drug take back box.
Safe Medication Disposal