The Engineering Section provides state of the art design and contract engineering services for Public Services and other county departments. Engineering also provides “Certified Acceptance” services to small cities and towns in the county.

Engineering Activities

A significant portion of staff time is spent on bringing to fruition the road, bridge, and miscellaneous projects prioritized within the county Annual Road Construction Program (PDF).
Engineering Yakima County Road Map
The work consists of designing new and existing road improvement projects, bridge and culvert replacement projects, and other specialty projects involving structural, hydraulic, and environmental components.

For those projects requiring multiple discipline expertise, the section occasionally contracts with consultants to design and prepare engineering plans. To meet this obligation, the section maintains a consultant roster and a consultant liaison engineer.

The contracts for all projects, whether designed in-house or by consultants, are prepared and bid by Public Services. The engineering section provides advisory engineering services during project construction.

The staff of the engineering section strives to provide the best engineering services possible, in the most efficient manner. To that end, the department provides ongoing staff training, and provides modern computer work stations for the engineers and technicians, complete w​ith up to date computer design and drafting software.

Bridge Activities

North Fork #105 and North Fork #109 Bridge Replacement Notice to Consultants

Become a Consultant

 Firms submitting for the consultant roster must become a member of the MRSC roster and sign up with Yakima County.