Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Section is responsible for the design and operations of traffic control devices, collection of traffic data, transportation planning, and development review.

  • Traffic Operations - Yakima County maintains and operates a full range of traffic control devices including signalized traffic lights, railroad crossings, school zones flashers, static traffic and directional signs, roadway markings, variable message signs and online traffic and weather reporting sensor stations.
  • Traffic Design - Yakima County works with jurisdictions, agencies, developers, and private citizens to prepare Traffic Signal Design, Roadway Lighting Design, Signing Plans, Striping Plans, and Traffic Control Plans to insure that developments, roadside improvements, utility crossings, and full-scale road projects implement approved traffic control requirements.
  • Development Review - The Traffic Engineering Section provides review and issues permits for the construction of or connection to county roadways. Review staff provide input to the Yakima County Planning Division regarding proposed developments, reviews and approves roadway plans for construction of county roadways in conjunction with development projects; issues road approach permits, assigns road names and addresses, and issues utility franchises.
  • Transportation Planning - Yakima County performs county and multi-jurisdictional short and long range transportation planning for various transportation modes (roads, pedestrian, bicycle, rail, and trails) through inter-governmental partnerships, transportation planning organizations, transportation action committees, and associations; in addition, the section prepares transportation modeling, grant applications, planning document development and performs public outreach.