Civil Protection Order


A Civil Protection Order is an order protecting a person who has been the victim of domestic violence, physical harm, a pattern of coercive control, stalking, sexual assault, harassment, or other abusive behavior and is available through our court. You may qualify to ask for a protection order for another person such as a child, elderly person, or someone who cannot apply for themselves due to a disability or other reasons.

The following restrictions, including but not limited to, may be ordered by the court:

  • Require the restrained person to have no contact, physical or nonphysical, direct or indirect, with the protected person even through third parties
  • Require the restrained person to Stay away from the protected person’s home, residence, workplace, or school
  • Require the restrained person to leave a shared residence with law enforcement help
  • Require the restraining person to participate in treatment, including for mental health or substance use. 
  • Require the restrained person to surrender firearms or other weapons. 
  • The restrictions may include your children. 

When you apply for a protection order, you will be given a court date and time. You may then request a temporary order of protection on the same day you file a petition for a protection order to protect against any immediate harm until the hearing date. If you are the protected party, you can request permission to appear for your court hearing by zoom. Law enforcement will serve the official papers to the restrained person.  If the restrained person cannot be personally served, other options for service may be available. 

The forms to apply for a protection order are available for free at the Clerk’s office in room 323 of the courthouse.  These forms can also be found on the Washington Courts website.