Breast, Cervical & Colon Health Program

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Cathy Lopez
Rose Carter
                  Office: 509-249-6537
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Fax: 509-249-6647
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1210 Ahtanum Ridge Drive
Union Gap, WA. 98903

Breast, Cervical, & Colon Health Program Contracted Providers...

Your patient may be eligible for a health exam and cancer screening at no cost if they meet the criteria below:

  • Need a breast and cervical health screening (women ages 40-64)
  • Have limited income at or below 138% FPL (PDF)
  • Have limited or no insurance
  • Live in:
    • Kittitas County
    • Yakima County
    • Benton-Franklin County
    • Walla Walla County
    • Columbia County
    • Klickitat County

Contracted providers can also view the BCCHP orientation modules online.

Not Currently a BCCHP Provider?

If you would like to become an Breast, Cervical, and Colon Health Program (BCCHP) Contracted Provider, please email a completed Breast, Cervical, Colon Health Program Provider Agreement Contract to

Eligibility Forms / Fee Schedule

Case Management Forms

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Case Management

Case Management services include ongoing tracking and follow-up of clients who have received an abnormal cancer screening result through BCCHP. Case Managers are also responsible for ensuring that clients diagnosed with cancer initiate treatment in a timely manner. The PC Case Managers will be responsible for ongoing tracking, follow-up, and eligibility re-determination for women who remain enrolled in the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP). They also are responsible for linking diagnosed clients to financial resources or insurance to cover their treatment.


With Healthcare reform as of January 1, 2014, we should work together to encourage those without health insurance to apply through the Washington Health Plan finder.

New Health Insurance Options

New insurance options are now available in Washington State. Residents may have new, better, more affordable options for health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance or if you can’t afford what you have, you may be eligible to:
  • Enroll in Washington Apple Health - This expanded Medicaid program now covers more people.
  • Buy a Qualified Health Plan - If you are not eligible for Washington Apple Health, you may still qualify for a low-cost insurance health plan. Visit their website or call 855-923-4633 (TTY/TDD: 855-628-9604).

Alien Emergency Medical (AEM)