Reduce & Reuse

We can help reduce waste by making careful choices about what we buy, use and throw away. Here are some tips:
  • Reduce: Buy items with reduced packaging. Use less pesticides and cleaners to help protect the environment. Buy only what you really need and buy durable products not disposable ones. Get in the habit of using re-usable shopping bags instead of plastic disposable ones.
  • Reuse: Repair items instead of buying new ones. Reuse bags and containers. Consider renting or loaning items that you don’t use frequently. Sell unwanted items or give them to charity.
Junk Mail Opt Out
Find out how to opt out of junk mail, thus reducing paper waste.

Recycled Craft Activities
Take a look at the following craft activities for some ideas how you can re-purpose something that might otherwise be thrown away.

Recycling Packing Products

To recycle Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap, take them to the Mail N More at the following locations:
  • 732 Summitview
    Phone: 509-575-4760
  • 5808 Summitview, Suite #A
    Phone: 509-965-5450
  • 2612 West Nob Hill Boulevard, Suite #101
    Phone: 509-452-0994