Current Local Rules and Forms

Emergency Local Court RuleEffective June 15, 2022
Emergency Local Guardianship Rule 2WordPDF
Emergency Local Family Law Rule 8

Local Court RulesEffective September 1, 2021

All Local RulesWordPDF
Local General Rules (LGRs)WordPDF
Local Civil Rules (LCRs)WordPDF
Local Civil Arbitration Rules (LCARs)WordPDF
Local Family Law Rules (LFLRs)WordPDF
Local Criminal Rules (LCrRs)WordPDF
Local Juvenile Court Rules (LJuCRs)WordPDF
Local Rules on Appeal from Lower Jurisdictions (LRALJs)WordPDF
Local Administrative Rules (LARs)WordPDF
Local Guardianship Rules (LGuRs)

Washington State Court Rules  

Local Forms
CivilCase Scheduling OrderWordPDF
Note for Motion DocketWordPDF
Note for TrialWordPDF
Statement of ArbitrabilityWordPDF
FamilyNote for Motion DocketWordPDF

Washington State Forms 
Washington State Court Rules