Plans and Policies

Yakima County Comprehensive Plan - Horizon 2040

Horizon 2040: This applies to all unincorporated Yakima County jurisdiction. This plan was originally adopted in 1997 by the Board of County Commissioners. It was last updated through the GMA update requirement on December 18, 2007 and June 29, 2017. This document is reviewed and updated as needed, but no more often than once a year.

The Yakima Urban Area Comprehensive Plan 2025, Terrace Heights Neighborhood Plan, and West Valley Neighborhood Plan have been repealed. The goals and policies from these plans were integrated into Horizon 2040.
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Guidance Documents

  • Urban Growth Area Guidebook (PDF): This guidebook describes reviewing, updating and implementing the urban growth areas including population forecasts and conducting a fiscal analysis for urban services.
  • Long Range Planning in Washington State: A guide to understanding comprehensive land use planning involving citizens, communities, counties, cities, and the private sector that would prevent uncoordinated and unplanned growth.

Yakima County Trails Plan

  • Yakima County Trails Plan (PDF) - This Trails Plan focuses on trail routes in unincorporated areas of Yakima County, Washington, but it also references community links in incorporated area that are a high priority for intercommunity mobility. The plan looks at current activities, trends, opportunities and constraints for the expansion of the trails system in the county.


  • Yakima County-Wide Planning Policy: This is a policy framework that guides and coordinates the development of the comprehensive plans of Yakima County and all cities and towns within the county. Originally adopted jointly by the Board of County Commissioners and all the cities and towns within the county in 1993, and amended in 2003.
  • Interlocal Agreement (ILA) between the Yakima County and 14 cities and towns within the county. This provides a management structure for growth and development occurring in the unincorporated portions of the UGAs of all cities and towns within the county.