Passport Services

Passports are Processed 9 AM - 3:30 PM, Monday thru Friday

The Yakima County Auditor is pleased to assist the citizens of Yakima County with their Passport Application needs. We now take Passport Photos for $15. Remember, apply early for your Passport. Processing a Passport can take up to 6 weeks.

Applying for a Passport


1.  Fill Out Form DS-11: Application for a U.S. Passport 

2.  Submit Form DS-11: Application for a U.S. Passport in Person 

3.  Submit Evidence of U.S. Citizenship


  • State Birth Certificate (not the one from the hospital)
  • Previous Passport
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
  • See links below for additional information  

4.  Present Identification 

  • Fully-valid Driver's License
  • Previously-issued, undamaged U.S. passport
  • Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship
  • Current Government Employee ID (city, state or federal)
  • Current Military ID (military and dependents)
  • NOTES:

        > An ID card is insufficient by itself for applicant 16 and older 
        > Children under 16 are not required to present photo ID 
5.  Provide Passport Photo

  • One color photos 2×2 inches in size.
  • Must be taken within the last six months showing how you look now.
  • Must be full face and seen from the front on a white or off white background.
  • There must be between one inch and one and three-eighths inches from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head.
  • Must wear normal street clothing with no uniforms allowed or religious items unless you wear them every day.
  • Hats are not allowed that block your hair or your hairline.
  • No glasses allowed of any kind.
  • You should wear normally worn items such as a hearing aid, wig or comparable items (but not glasses).
  • A person’s eyes must be opened in the photo.
  • You must be able to see the area from the top of your hair to your shoulders.
  • There can be no shadows on the face.
  • The person’s mouth must be closed and have a neutral look on their face. 

6.  Provide Application Fees

  • Check(s) or money order(s) will be required; please consult Passport Fees page for complete information.
  • Fees may vary, so please do not fill out the amount on the check until the fee has been determined. 

Additional Information

  • If you already have a passport and require service, you must bring your old passport with you. This includes expired passports. 
  • Renewals by Mail – Renewal of Passports is available through the mail under certain circumstances. Please consult the renewal form, DS-82. All forms are available in our office and on-line.
  • Child Renewals – children under 16 must apply in person with their parents. If one parent is unable to come in, he or she must complete a consent form, DS-3053, and submit a copy of his or her photo ID, front and back. 
  • You may obtain renewal, amendment, and other passport forms at this office.
  • Convenience services – the Auditors office can provide envelope, labels, postage for Passport Renewals through the mail for $10.
  • Convenience services – the Auditors office can take passport photos for $15.
  • For more detailed information visit the Passport Service website
  • 9-3:30 for processing passports